Calls for Tottenham player to be suspended after his controversial post on social media

Spurs’ summer acquisition With a number of pictures on his Instagram account about the ongoing crisis between Israel and Palestine, Manor Solomon has stirred up debate.

After Israel threatened to target hospitals just days prior, the bombing of a hospital in Palestine yesterday night that killed over 500 innocent civilians—mostly doctors, women, and children—shocked the whole globe.

However, Solomon’s tweet has generated a lot of controversy because he blamed Israel and accused Hamas of bombing its own people.

He shared a photo of the explosion along with a statement from the Israeli military that appeared to indicate that a botched rocket launch by a Palestinian resistance group was the likely cause of the explosion at the Al Ahli hospital.

With several more posts that followed, he continued to express his strong support for the Israeli government.

Fans immediately pointed out the absurdity in light of the fact that numerous Muslim players have already had their contracts suspended by their teams for standing up for the Palestinian people against the violence.

On X, one supporter called for Spurs to cut the player from the team.


Others drew attention to the apparent application of different criteria to gamers who post in favour of Israel and those who support Palestine.

Anwar El Ghazi, a former player for Aston Villa and Everton, has most recently been punished for his Instagram post supporting Palestine.

In a similar vein, Bayern Munich released a statement denouncing their player Noussair Mazraoui’s pro-Palestine post and demanding an investigation.

Numerous innocent people have already lost their lives as a result of the violence. How many more deaths are necessary? Let’s hope that humanity triumphs and there is peace on earth!

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