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West Ham risk paying the price over news that has emerged in past 24 hrs, must act now

West Ham United could pay the price over David Moyes stance as contract news shared

West Ham reportedly do not intend to offer David Moyes a new contract until he enters the final year of his existing deal.

As Claret & Hugh reported on Tuesday, Moyes should put off talking about new contracts until at least Christmas.

But if United really waits until Moyes approaches the final year of his contract, the decision won’t be made until sometime in the spring.

With West Ham officials eager to observe how this campaign plays out, it may be argued that this is a prudent decision, but it also carries a significant risk.

Moyes led the Hammers back into Europe last season after winning a European trophy at the London Stadium.

The Scotsman struggled while playing for Manchester United, but it does not mean that another team would not be eager to sign him.

Should Sean Dyche not continue into the 2023–24 season, Moyes’ former team Everton, for instance, would think about making an approach.

It’s all good and well. Although West Ham wants to be sure the 60-year-old is deserving of a new contract, sometimes that luxury is not available.

Some United supporters are still on the fence about Moyes, but the past six months have unquestionably demonstrated why he deserves to stay.

The temptation to twist rather than stick may seem alluring, but this West Ham team is firmly under Moyes’ leadership right now.

It makes sense to extend Moyes that new deal at this time because West Ham has firsthand experience with what happens when you get ahead of yourself.

Although it won’t be a reward for his performance in 2023, it will keep things stable at the club, so he doesn’t necessarily need to see it out.

Do not be shocked if Moyes himself inquires about other options if the alternative is to wait until June to discuss a new deal.

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