’He isn’t producing’: Darren Ambrose thinks fans about to turn on Tottenham 26-year-old

Ambrose anticipates Richarlison to be in better shape given that he reportedly wears the number nine for Tottenham and Brazil, as he said on talkSPORT.

However, he “isn’t producing” for Tottenham, and Ambrose worries that the supporters may begin to boo him.

The 26-year-old scored just one Premier League goal under Antonio Conte after his high-profile signing last summer.

The player’s struggles under a manager who ultimately lost his job due to Spurs’ collapse could be excused, but under Ange Postecoglou’s table-topping and freely scoring club, no such justifications are acceptable.

That’s why former Premier League midfielder and Tottenham-supporting pundit Ambrose is worried about what Richarlison is, or in this case, isn’t producing.

Richarlison’s form

“A negative is Richarlison,” said Ambrose. “I am backing him. I keep backing him. I am struggling to, at the moment.

He is a Spurs player, thus I am supporting him. He will perform well and be given opportunities, especially on this team. But he has had opportunities. He ranked ninth for Brazil. keeping Gabriel Jesus off the team when he was at Arsenal in his prime. They always turned to him. He simply wasn’t performing at Spurs, though.

“He didn’t get a meaningful opportunity or run of games last season. But he hasn’t really done that either this season. There are explanations for why he isn’t producing, but how can a Brazil international who plays for Spurs have no confidence? How do you feel so insecure?

You can see Ange attempting to support him, but I’m lost now. When he no longer receives opportunities, that’s when you need to be concerned. But you can’t keep getting the chances and keeping missing because you eventually start to get dragged, and it has occurred. Or you stop playing altogether. Yes (to the turning of the crowd). Of course.

Can Richarlison turn it around?

This summer, Ange Postecoglou has the support of the establishment, and it stands to reason that this support will continue in the upcoming elections.

Will they be willing to cut Richarlison loose if his inconsistent play persists, knowing that he was the club’s record acquisition?

The former Everton player will undoubtedly have the entire season to demonstrate his abilities, but if by the next summer he is still in the same situation, a decision needs to be taken.

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