“It’s a technical choice” – Manager comes out fighting for Tottenham player, in lengthy defence

Richarlison’s re-entry into the national squad is still a hot topic in Brazilian media.

The Tottenham Hotspur player’s goal drought is one of the causes of his apparent annoyance during the most recent international break.

Yesterday, we talked about journalist André Rizek sending Richarlison a heartfelt message of support. Fernando Diniz, manager of Brazil, is now stated by UOL as supporting the striker.

When the Tottenham star’s lack of goals was brought up during a news conference, the manager said that the 26-year-old has actually been performing quite well for the national side.


“When you examine the games, he contributed greatly; therefore, the decision at this time is purely technical. He obviously values it on an emotional level as well, but it’s a technical decision because he was a key player against Bolivia and Peru. He didn’t score against Peru, which is unfortunate because we are still unsure of whether it was offside or not. He was a player, however, who in my opinion helped us win both games, stated Fernando Diniz.

Richarlison’s contribution is crucial, and the manager made it plain that goals won’t determine whether he keeps his starting position.

“If Richarlison had scored a goal in every game in which he had the opportunity to do so, we would say that he performed at the highest level. Despite not getting the goals, he performed effectively in both games on a tactical and technical level.

The Tottenham striker’s most recent goal came against South Korea in a World Cup match for Brazil. Now that they are playing Venezuela and Uruguay in the forthcoming rounds of World Cup qualifying, he will have two new chances to score.


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