‘What’s interesting is…’: Martin Keown says he’s noticed what Postecoglou does that Conte simply never did

Ange Postecoglou, the new manager of Tottenham, has led the North London team to a fantastic start to the current campaign.

The Tottenham supporters are strongly behind the former Celtic manager, and his club is now playing some of the greatest, free-flowing attacking football in Europe.

Of course, things have changed significantly since Antonio Conte was in charge, and Martin Keown claims that there is one significant distinction between the two.

Keown spots big difference in Postecoglou and Conte at Spurs

Keown praised Postecoglou in a prior interview on TalkSPORT with Jim White and Simon Jordan.

Importantly, he identified a critical distinction between the Australian and Antonio Conte.

“What’s interesting is that this manager cares about his players and has more faith in them than Conte did,” said the author. And I believe the club is now reaping the rewards of it,” added Keown.

Like a father figure

There is unquestionably something resolutely honest about Postecoglou’s actions and demeanor at Tottenham. In fact, Jurgen Klopp praised “Big Ange” today as well.

He is being followed by his team, and to some of the young Tottenham players right now, he resembles a father figure in many ways.

Yes, he is good with the media as well, but he also doesn’t hesitate to be open and honest with them, and so far, he hasn’t let them get the better of him. Postecoglou is extremely admirable for his cool, collected demeanor.

A large part of Postecoglou’s success this season will depend on whether Tottenham can maintain their success.

In the end, it merely makes Antonio Conte appear resentful for not obtaining more from a set of players who obviously required a different approach to management.

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