“I Felt Sorry For You”: Australia Great Expresses Concern. KL Rahul Responds

KL, a star Indian batter After overcoming a hamstring ailment, Rahul has gradually made his way into the starting lineup. Rahul hurt himself on May 1 during a match between Lucknow Super Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League (IPL 2023). Rahul joined the team for the Asia Cup earlier this month after missing a month of practice. Rahul has been having a good run ever since he got a century against Pakistan upon rejoining the team. Additionally, he appeared to be very at ease while wearing the gloves.

Mark Waugh, a former Australian batter, was curious about Rahul’s workload and questioned the premier player about it.

“What about the personal workload? You have to keep wickets and bat at No. 4 or at the top of the order in these circumstances. In Mohali, I felt sad for you. Just how you manage it, I have no idea. Is it difficult to handle all that in the heat? On Sports 18, Waugh questioned Rahul.

Rahul responded by saying that while the diverse position has been a little challenging, he is feeling incredibly fresh and is prepared to help the squad out.

I’ve returned feeling incredibly refreshed and full of juice, so I have no complaints there. It has been really physically demanding. When we arrived in Mohali, we thought the weather and conditions in Colombo were the worst we could hope for. We’ve come from Colombo, this can’t be worse, I stated in the team huddle after the game. It must be pleasant since it’s Mohali. When Mitch Marsh was out three overs later, everyone turned to face one another and remarked, “Skip, you’ve made the worst choice by choosing to bat.”
It is a good challenge that we get used to it because we will have similar conditions to deal with in the World Cup,” Rahul replied.

Rahul explained how his injury layoff helped him to reflect on his game and improve his skills.

“You get a lot of time to think about yourself, your batting and technique, when you are away from the game for so long. Since we have only ever played cricket, there is nothing else to ponder about or keep you occupied. The time I spent at home helped me realize how I can play my job more effectively. After you finish training, we are at home thinking about cricket and how we can improve. After a lengthy absence, you arrive without any baggage and attempt to have fun, which is what I’ve done. Happy that I was able to receive a few decent blows; it does wonders for my confidence,” he continued.

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