‘We’re going to see dynamite from this guy’: Ian Wright says Tottenham have a player who could explode soon

Richarlison, a star for Tottenham Hotspur, is expected to go off once he establishes the perfect rapport with Spurs supporters, according to Ian Wright.

Since joining Tottenham from Everton last year, the Brazilian has struggled mightily while wearing a Spurs jersey. We all know he’s a player with a ton of skill, but he was among the worst signings during that transfer window.

Wright fears that he may soon blow up.

Ian Wright thinks Tottenham star Richarlison could explode soon

Richarlison was acquired by Tottenham last year for a whopping £60 million (Sky Sports).

The Brazilian was Everton’s finest player while he was there, and since Tottenham has superior players around him, it was anticipated that he would have a similar influence there.

Richarlison, however, had a disastrous season his previous time out. He only scored once in the Premier League all season, and his season hasn’t gotten off to a fantastic start either.

In that chaotic game last Saturday, the 26-year-old finally scored against Sheffield United to break his season-long goalless streak. After the game, he had a lot of support from the Spurs faithful, and Ian Wright thinks this is crucial to his progress.

Richarlison will allegedly burst for Tottenham in the Premier League if Tottenham fans completely support him, according to the legendary Arsenal player.

On the Wrighty’s House podcast, he stated that all he needs to do to achieve legendary status at Tottenham is score a goal, ideally the game-winning goal. I’m done now. Tottenham supporters would consider Richarlison to be invulnerable for life.

“You must accept him and love him as your own. It’s similar to me in that it doesn’t matter what the other members of your audience think of you as long as your fans love you. The supporters will always be watching out for you.

“I think Richarlison will be dynamite once he establishes that connection properly with Tottenham fans,”


Everyone is aware of Richarlison’s extraordinary skill as a football player.

The Brazilian has a great work ethic, can play anywhere along the front line, and can score with both of his feet and his head. He is a genuinely good player, but for whatever reason, things have not gone his way at Tottenham.

What better game to play in next than the North London Derby after Richarlison’s outstanding cameo against Sheffield United last week?

Richarlison will instantly become a hero to Tottenham fans if he scores against Arsenal.

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