Mondli Gungubele: ‘We have not honoured Rassie Erasmus …

Former Springbok coach Rassie Erasmus, according to South Africa’s communications minister Mondli Gungubele, has not been given the respect he deserves as one of the nation’s outspoken sports sons.

The national rugby team’s third William Webb Ellis trophy victory in 2019 was made possible by the Saru director of rugby, who is also praised for his dedication to transformation.

On Wednesday, Gungubele stated, “I think we haven’t honored Rassie sufficiently.

After the Boks’ record-breaking 57–0 loss to New Zealand in 2017, Erasmus’ “intervention in a deracializing and nation-building manner,” he said that the nation might have done more to acknowledge him.

He didn’t adhere to racial stereotypes; I believe we haven’t given him enough respect.

In order to better reflect the demographics of South Africa, Erasmus promised to hasten the integration of black players into the national team when he took over the coaching duties in 2018. Siya Kolisi became the team’s first black South African captain when he also granted him that position.

Along with other members of the economic cluster of the cabinet, Gungubele was giving responses to inquiries in the National Assembly.

Sinawo Thambo of the EFF questioned why the SABC kept using sub-licensing deals when it comes to airing significant sporting events that may bring in money for the organization.

Gungubele concurred that the broadcaster was required by the Independent Communications Authority of SA’s (Icasa) sports broadcasting laws to broadcast national sporting events. He said, “We could have done more.

However, the SABC can only carry out its duty via subleasing if the owner of those rights transfers them to a subscription/pay television station.

Gungubele stated that going future, they anticipate the SABC to operate differently and directly purchase the rights to important athletic events rather than sub-licensing. When a sub-licence is obtained, revenue-generating opportunities have already been squandered because the advertisers were unable to complete their advertising plans in a timely manner.

To keep “our people captured by this major event by such a committed team led by such committed leaders, Rassie and (Jacques) Nienaber,” the SABC obtained 16 games from MultiChoice two weeks ago.

Rugby, according to Gungubele, is “highly followed” and becoming into a “nation-building type of sport”.

“We as the SABC need to do a better job of planning for those events because it is understood that they will take place for years to come. Rugby, for example, is a sport that unites everyone in society, therefore we need to interact in that space differently.

“It’s a sport the majority of poor people love to watch. Sport like any other sport has got such a positive impact. If we deny poor people access to such an emotional, spiritual-healing event, it can actually border on us committing crime.”

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