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David Moyes accused of being disrespectful as West Ham vs Backa Topola Europa League clash takes new spicy twist

Tonight’s Europa League match between West Ham and Backa Topola appears to have been spiced up by David Moyes.

Republika, a Serbian news site, has charged West Ham manager David Moyes with disrespecting the referee before tonight’s Europa League match at the London Stadium.

Both the Hammers manager and the supporters will be anxious for their team to begin their Europa League campaign with a victory tonight.

Backa Topola appear to be the Group A opponent with the most weaknesses on paper. Though they are at the top of their domestic competition, we cannot afford to be complacent.

Despite this, it appears like Moyes is already facing accusations of being patronizing about tonight’s opponents from the Serbian media.

West Ham vs Backa Topola Europa League clash takes new spicy twist

Republika believes it was insulting of Moyes to imply that it was impossible to judge tonight’s opponents because it was more difficult to find information on Serbian teams.

The Backa Topola players are said to be even more motivated as a result to put on a display and win against the Hammers.

I have to add that I don’t believe Moyes’ remarks during the news conference yesterday were made in any way disrespectful.

I have the impression that the Serbian media is simply trying to fan a flame that won’t ignite in order to apply some pressure to West Ham ahead of tonight’s Europa League match.

In press conferences, Moyes never disparages his opponents; in fact, I find him to be overly positive about them.

The West Ham boss will not, under any circumstances, be relaxed before tonight’s Europa League match. Maybe he simply meant that Serbian league matches are more difficult to access than those in other leagues.

And now that the Serbian media has attacked Backa Topola, I have a feeling that the Hammers manager and his team will be even more motivated to defeat him! Possibly, lads, this backfired!


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