‘Another Level”: Postecohlou expresses high confidence in £35m player, He’s been outstanding

In advance of this weekend, Ange Postecoglou has been praising Tottenham midfielder Yves Bissouma this afternoon.

When Tottenham plays Sheffield United, Bissouma will undoubtedly be expected to play a significant role in the center of the park for Tottenham.

Postecoglou asserted Bissouma can be even better than he has been this season in a press conference today regarding the midfielder.

Ange Postecoglou praises Yves Bissouma for Tottenham form

In his news conference this afternoon, Postecoglou mentioned a lot of players, including Bissouma and his impressive play.

And while Postecoglou has praised his £35 million midfielder for his accomplishments thus far, he genuinely thinks Bissouma has more to offer.

“I believe I mentioned that I haven’t accomplished much this week. He is who he is. I keep saying that each player controls their own fate. Biss wouldn’t be where he is now if he had entered the school this year feeling sorry for himself about what happened the previous year and dwelling on it excessively, Postecoglou said.

“He accomplished it on his own. He was very energized as he arrived from the first day of preseason. I was aware of his skill level. I believe that he like the way we play. He was responsible for the remainder. He puts a lot of effort into his daily job, has excelled in the games, and deserves praise for it. In order to avoid being complacent because things are going well, he simply needs to keep pushing himself and doing that. I continue to believe that he has more to offer.

“I think he can definitely step up his game, and that helps us step up as well,” the author said.

Looking back on last season, it is so odd to realize that Antonio Conte simply did not enjoy playing Yves Bissouma.

He has been so impressive this season thus far that it is completely absurd that Conte essentially kept him out of the first squad.

However, it’s intriguing that Postecoglou thinks there will be more. And if he can advance to another level, Spurs will pose a serious challenge this year.

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