‘The best’: Argentina Nation’s media blown away by 25-year-old Tottenham player last night

Tottenham Star Cristian Romero left everyone speechless after last night victory over Bolivia with Lionel Messi absence

Cristian Romero, a standout for Tottenham Hotspur, had another outstanding performance last night as Argentina defeated Bolivia 3-0 without Lionel Messi.

This week, the Argentine defender has received a lot of media attention after Messi referred to him as the best center-back in the world. His performance versus Bolivia has further strengthened that conviction at this point.

Tottenham star Cristian Romero hailed by Argentine media

Cristian Romero, a star for Tottenham, started yesterday night’s match for Argentina in the middle of the defense and excelled for the world champions.

When things weren’t going well for Spurs last season, the 25-year-old received a ton of criticism. The continuous criticism of his carelessness seemed to have an impact on his confidence.

However, Romero has been absolutely fantastic for the North Londoners ever since Ange Postecoglou became the manager of Tottenham.

He has put on outstanding performances for Argentina, and yesterday night, when he assisted his team in a 3-0 victory over Bolivia, he did so once more.

He received an 8/10 rating from the Argentine news source TyC Sports, which also penned the following: “Contest to be the finest central scoreboard in the world right now. starting to finish, everything a defender must accomplish.

There is a belief that trying to predict at a height is unnecessary. Including that, Cuti doesn’t give a damn. He made a thousand different attempts, and he succeeded in every single one.

Tottenham is dependent heavily on Cristian Romero’s current performance.

The defense for Tottenham was their biggest issue last season. For any club, much less one aiming for greatness, 63 goals were allowed in 38 games is a dreadful performance.



Romero’s outstanding form is one of the primary reasons why Tottenham’s defense has improved significantly since Postecoglou took over.If he can maintain it, Spurs will undoubtedly have a more successful season than the one before.


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