Fabrizio Romano says there’s a change of plan over Spurs and Micky van de Ven

Tottenham Hotspur already have one new signing through the door this weekend and more should follow.

Arguably the most high-profile one Spurs fans are looking forward to is Micky van de Ven.

Speculation linking Tottenham with the Wolfsburg defender has been intensifying in recent days.

Indeed, Spurs have apparently struck a deal with the Bundesliga club over Van de Ven coming to N17.

Sky Sports have claimed Tottenham are expected to pay an initial €30million which could rise to €50million.

That works out as around £25.9million up front and around £17.3million in add-ons for a total of £43.2million.

Van de Ven was expected to fly to London on Saturday for his medical, but there has been a small change.

This is according to Fabrizio Romano, who says the player will now set off on Sunday for a medical on Monday.

The transfer insider stressed that the deal is indeed done and should be announced early next week.

This is just a minor delay to a seemingly imminent move for Tottenham.

Everything is pointing to this transfer going in the right direction.

By the sounds of it, Spurs won’t announce Van de Ven this weekend, but is still seems to be all on track.

What a signing he’ll be too. Van de Ven is a top talent who’ll be a great addition to the Tottenham ranks.

Van de Ven is a powerhouse of a player, standing 6ft 4in and drawing comparisons with Virgil van Dijk.

He is also incredibly quick – one of the fastest in the Bundesliga, in fact.

It’ll be exciting to see him finally announced at Tottenham, who really need to bolster their defensive ranks.

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Strange shock as Daniel Levy prepares to travel to Miami – Tottenham transfer drama continues

Right from the start of the Harry Kane to Bayern Munich saga there was an acknowledgment in Germany that Tottenham would be difficult to deal with.

Daniel Levy had shown in negotiations for previous big exits, with Luka Modric and Gareth Bale perhaps being the best known, that he’ll make sure he gets the best possible deal for Spurs.

Given that’s his job, it’s not so outlandish.

Despite that acknowledgement, there also seemed to be a little (by little, read huge) arrogance from a German and Bayern perspective. Sure, Tottenham have dragged other clubs through the transfer mud and got every last Euro available, but this situation would obviously be different… because this was Bayern.

That was clearly the position of Uli Hoeneß, who was so confident – cocky even – that he went public to say the Bundesliga side held the power and Spurs would cave. That made things more difficult.

You can’t pretend to show respect and then have someone completely blow your cover. It would have been better to not bother with the pleasantries in the first place.


Now we find ourselves in August’s first weekend, and a day after Bayern’s latest offer. Bild report that according to their information, that offer was worth more than €100m and will be the final one.

On Saturday they have an article about the ‘latest developments’ in the Kane drama. Levy plays the leading role and it’s stated he’s showing his coldness. 

Then, Germany’s – and Europe’s for that matter – biggest selling newspaper states: ‘And what is Levy doing? He deliberately let the ultimatum pass. But that’s not all! According to BILD information, the Tottenham boss goes one step further – and is now going on vacation to Miami with his family for two weeks!’

Really, how very dare he. Levy refuses to listen to an ultimatum which many doubt even existed, and which would have been childish in the extreme if it did, and then has the nerve to go on a family holiday.

Maybe if Bayern hadn’t waited until August 4th to make an offer which even approaches the classification of reasonable then things may have been finalised before the Levy family go on their break.

But no, it’s all games, with Bild adding: ‘With the manoeuvre the ice-cold Tottenham boss really shows Bayern. The message behind it is clear: Levy, who is known in the football business as a tough negotiator, wants to demonstrate that Bayern’s posturing (still) leaves him cold – and thus tease out more money.’

Or, maybe, and this could be a difficult one to comprehend, he’s just going on holiday.

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