‘He’s the real deal’: People at Tottenham have been really raving about one man

Tottenham have made a number of intriguing signings this summer, but the most interesting addition at Spurs in recent times has been their new manager.

Ange Postecoglou is currently in charge of steering this unsteerable Tottenham ship, and despite difficult circumstances, by all accounts he has done a good job so far.The offensive play of the Australian throughout the preseason has won him a lot of admirers, and both fans and experts praise his handling of the media.

But his performance in public is not the only thing that is outstanding.

Everyone at Tottenham has been applauding Postecoglou, according to Martin Lipton, who said on Last Word on Spurs that he is the real deal. According to Lipton, Postecoglou is also leaving a lasting influence behind the scenes..

The genuine thing

Lipton discussed the Tottenham manager.

“I think from what we’ve seen of Postecoglou and what I’ve heard from him and what I’ve heard from people around Tottenham over the past few weeks is that he’s the real deal and that he will make a difference and he can be a very good manager as long as he’s allowed to be a project manager and doesn’t have to get it right in the first three weeks,” said Lipton.

won’t be simple

When it comes to impressing behind the scenes at Tottenham, Ange Postecoglou seems to be off to a strong start, but generating success on the field is a very other story.

The Premier League is such an unforgiving league, and while Ange will be hoping to hit the ground running, the reality is that it won’t be easy.

With no new defenders signed up yet and uncertainty around Harry Kane’s future, it’s hard to make many positive predictions about Tottenham’s season, regardless of who their manager is.

Postecoglou is doing the right things so far, but he still faces an uphill battle at Spurs.


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