Fabrizio Romano: Tottenham have reached an agreement for 19-year-old Argentine player

Fabrizio Romano confirms that Alejo Veliz is Tottenham Hotspur bound

Popular Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano claims that Tottenham and Rosario Central have reached an agreement for the excellent Argentine striker Alejo Veliz to join them.

The striker, who was born in 2003, was reportedly sought after by Tottenham, and it appears that they have succeeded in doing so. Veliz is a tremendously gifted player with a lot of room for improvement.

According to reports, the striker will receive a final payment of roughly €15 million plus add-ons, which is a considerable sum for someone who is not well-known in the footballing community. It also shows how highly Tottenham views the player, though.

There is little doubt that the teen sensation is not a gift. However, with the right kind of growth, he might turn into a genuinely crucial player for the team in the ensuing years.

Tottenham is concerned about Harry Kane’s future. The club is compelled to play the waiting game and hope that the English captain stays here because there is no clear indication of how this particular situation will turn out.

Then there is Richarlison’s mysterious situation. Whether the Brazilian is indeed a world-class talent or not is yet unknown. Although he has always existed, his current campaign hasn’t exactly been a breakout one.

Yes, the Brazilian could really come good under Postecoglou this season. Regardless, there is absolutely no doubt that Tottenham will try and sign a youngster who can take over from these two in the years to come.

Herein lies Alejo Veliz’s contribution. There is no doubt that the player would be a serious contender to lead the line for Tottenham if he can deliver on his initial promise and demonstrate his quality for the team.

The time is not right to discuss Veliz. We made a significant investment when we signed him away from Rosario, so let’s hope he performs well for us in the upcoming seasons.

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