‘Confident’: Sky journalist says everyone thinks Spurs’ ‘insane’ player is about to be sold

Harry Kane’s Tottenham future remains the biggest talking point in the Premier League at the moment, and it appears as though we may finally be heading towards a conclusion on this front.

In fact, Michael Bridge of Sky Sports News stated that everyone connected in the probable transfer of Harry Kane to Bayern Munich is now convinced that a deal will be reached.

All parties to this trade now believe that Kane will soon be sold, therefore it might only be a matter of time before this transaction is completed.


Bridge mentioned what he had learned about the ‘crazy’ striker from Germany.

“That’s what we’re currently experiencing. We understand there is no meeting scheduled with Spurs, but all parties are confident of a deal as Bayern do plan to improve their offer, according to the most recent information from Sky Germany from Bayern Munich’s perspective. “The package Bayern Munich were offering was €95m plus add-ons, a five-year deal, he would be the top earner at Bayern Munich, and there is no meeting scheduled with Spurs,” Bridge said.


It’s not surprising to hear that this particular angle on this story has come from the Bayern Munich side of things.

Every club has their own spin on every transfer story in order to get the media talking and unsettle the selling club and the player themselves.

From Bayern’s point of view, it’s a positive that everyone is suggesting that this deal is all-but done, while Spurs would probably rather this speculation stopped.

The truth of this situation probably lies somewhere in the middle of what both clubs are spinning, but, as ever, you can never be confident that a transfer will or won’t happen until a contract has been signed or the deadline has passed.

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